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Incorporating up-to-date research and utilizing more than 25 years of clinical practice, these one-of-a-kind online courses explore a large range of aspects required for developing social competencies, including self-regulation, executive functioning, social problem-solving abilities, and much more. To provide the best online learning experience, we have taken our full-day face-to-face conference material and broken it up into 3 hour “parts” to create a “series” for a specific topic. Attendees will find it beneficial to watch modules that are part of a series in our recommended order. All courses offer access to continuing education credit for select professions, as well as a Certificate of Completion!

2 Module Series

An Introduction to Social Thinking Vocabulary & Treatment Frameworks

Key Topics: Social Thinking vocabulary, social skills, social concepts, self-awareness, size of the problem

To teach components of the Social Thinking Methodology we need to consciously avoid assumptions about an individual’s working knowledge of the social world. In these on demand courses, we introduce core Social Thinking treatment frameworks and vocabulary for use with individuals of different ages and social learning abilities. Learn about some of our core frameworks and strategies and how to teach students to think socially to develop self-awareness of the concepts.
Register for almost 4 hours of instruction
3.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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2 Module Series

Assessing Social Competencies with Specific Tasks

Key Topics: Social competencies, assessment tools, perspective taking, standardized tests, IEP/504 plan

Discover how to use Social Thinking's Informal Dynamic Assessment tasks and related assessment tools to gain a deeper understanding of an individual's social strengths and struggles. Learn why virtually all standardized tests fall short with assessment of real-time social abilities-and how to work around that shortcoming.

Register for over 4 hours of instruction
4.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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4 Module Series

Strategies for Executive Functioning: Teaching Organizational Concepts & Skills

Key Topics: Executive functioning, organizational skills, self-motivation, academic performance, study skills, homework help

Gain a better understanding of executive functioning and the many ways it impacts academic performance, self-regulation, time management, and more. Learn specific strategies to help strengthen organized thinking and improve motivation and organizational skills for those with and without social learning challenges.
Register for almost 9 hours of instruction
8 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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4 Module Series

The ILAUGH Model: Exploring Social Thinking & the Social-Academic Connection

Key Topics: social competencies, perspective taking, social academic connection, social emotional learning concepts & frameworks

Discover how social cognition is essential to academic abilities such as reading comprehension of literature, written expression, and group work-and how to reinforce this valuable competency using our ILAUGH Model of Social Cognition. Treatment strategies for use across the home and school day are explained in detail.
Register for over 6 hours of instruction
6.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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4 Module Series

Superflex & Social Detective-A Mighty Duo! Best Teaching Practices

Key Topics: Superflex curriculum, You Are a Social Detective, PBIS & RTI, self-regulation, social awareness

Learn best teaching practices-including scope and sequencing-for popular Social Thinking products You Are a Social Detective and Superflex: A Social Thinking Superhero Curriculum. Includes a discussion on using We Thinkers! Volume 1 and Volume 2 with early learners.

Register for over 7 hours of instruction
7 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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6 Module Series

To Infinity & Beyond: Preparing Adolescents to Launch into the Real World

Key Topics: teenagers, transition to adulthood, career coaching, relationships, inner coach, social anxiety, independent living skills

Adolescents are both vulnerable and insistent. Many think they know what they want yet struggle to know what they do and don’t do well. In this series, we explore six different topics related to teens in transition to adulthood.
Register for over 10 hours of instruction
10 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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2 Module Series

Flirting, Dating & Sustaining Relationships: How Do You Teach This?

Key Topics: emerging sexuality and ASD, flirting, dating, sexual relationships and the law, relationship pyramid

In this series, we will address a range of topics including but not limited culture, religion and emerging sexuality for weak social learners and especially those on the autism spectrum, pornography and the law, how we need to teach different types of lessons for students with different social learning levels as well as many practical strategies and teaching tips.

Register for almost 3 hours of instruction
2.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Strategies for Kids : Brain Boss & Flex Camp: The Detective & Dragon Series

Key Topics: social self-awareness, social attention, social interpretation, self-regulation, social detective, brain boards

In this module, two mini-curriculums are explained: How to become the “Boss of my own Brain” and “FlexCamp: The Detective and Dragon Series.” The ultimate goal is to provide practical and engaging lessons to foster development of social competencies by guiding primary aged students to increase social self-awareness, social attention, social interpretation, and self-regulation.
Register for 2 hours of instruction
2 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Strategies for Teens: Friendship Pyramid, Finding Motivation & Add-a-Thought

Key Topics: friendship pyramid, self-motivation, teamwork, social conversations, social competencies, four steps of communication

Pre-teens and teens respond to social-emotional learning if the information is meaningful and motivating to them. In this module, we share three of Social Thinking’s treatment techniques developed while working with teens; all involve visual tools to help break down abstract concepts and make them more concrete.
Register for almost 2 hours of instruction
1.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Exploring Treatment for Social Anxiety

Key Topics: social anxiety, social competencies, self-regulation strategies, inner coach, social problem solving

Social anxiety is a compelling problem for many students, with or without diagnostic labels. In this module, social anxiety will be defined in comparison to general anxiety, shyness, introversion, and sensory overload. A variety of treatment methods to manage social anxiety are described for age 10 through adulthood.
Register for almost 2 hours of instruction
1.5 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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Linking Private Events & Social Competencies: A Critical Bridge

Key Topics: social competencies, social interpretation, social learning process, evdience based practices, applied behavior analysis

Private events are our internal thoughts and feelings. They aren’t measured as part of applied behavior analysis. Yet, how we interpret (through private events) behavior we observe impacts how we respond. This module explores social interpretation, language as the behavior of the mind, empirically supported vs. evidence-based practices, the reliability of measuring private events, and much more!
Register for almost 2.5 hours of instruction
2 hours toward CE credit, if applicable
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