Whole Body Listening Larry Updates

Beginning in late 2021, Think Social Publishing, also known as Social Thinking, began to discontinue the sale of the Whole Body Listening Larry series (books and poster), and we will no longer be publishing this material.

Thanks to information and advocacy from the neurodivergent community, the authors, Elizabeth Sautter and Kristen Wilson are making important and necessary updates to the Whole Body Listening Larry resources. These revised resources will encourage children to learn how their unique brain and body helps them listen best.

Write to the authors at: if you would like to be notified about these new inclusive products currently being developed.

Social communication involves many different concepts. Help your students better understand themselves and how to navigate within the social world. Our award winning storybook, You Are a Social Detective, 2nd edition, provides children ages 5-10+ information about how our brain helps us better understand our own and other’s thoughts and feelings within different social situations.

Whole Body Listening Larry
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