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An easy way to get started or expand your social learning knowledge

Choose from 30 budget-saving product bundles to get started or expand your social learning program

Are you looking for an easier way to get started or expand your social learning program? Look no further! For more than 25 years, Social Thinking has been a trusted resource for therapists, educators, parents/family members, and other interventionists for learning, teaching, and supporting neurodivergent and neurotypical social learners of all ages.


Our 30 hand-picked product bundles are the perfect way to save time, money, and effort when purchasing social learning resources for your district, school, classroom, clinic, or home. We invite you to explore our wide range of product bundles that include books, curricula, storybooks, posters, teaching scaffolds, and games by award-winning series or developmental age—to learn, support, and guide social learners in some of the most significant learning of their lives!

Discounted Bundles by Developmental Age

Best-Selling Social Detective & Superflex Series

Award-Winning The Zones of Regulation Series

Resources & Curricula for Administrators, Parents, Family Members & Caregivers

What is Social Thinking?


Strategies to Build Social Competencies

The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people ages four through adult develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to meet their own social goals and improve:

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