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2024 Upcoming Events

Coming together face to face to learn with and from each other is what feeds our knowledge, improves our practice, and sustains our passion for supporting social learners from age four throughout mature adulthood.


17th Annual Global Providers' Online Conference | June 21-22

Self-Regulation and Stress Management: Empowering Kids and Adults with Practical Tools and Strategies


2-Day Conference

Boston Area, MA | Oct 10 - 11


1-Day Seminars

Albuquerque, NM | Sept 20

Portland, OR | Oct 18

Santa Barbara, CA | Nov 15


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New Article & Downloadable

Is It Worth the Risk?  Exploring the Value of the Social Risk Scale

Is It Worth the Risk? Exploring the Value of the Social Risk Scale

Take a minute to read the new article and download the Social Risk Scale, a visual tool for empowering individuals (or yourself) to gauge the risk related to one’s social goals. Tip: Usually what we want to do is far less risky than we think!

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Streaming Next Week!

2024 Providers Livestream

Self-Regulation and Stress Management

Join renowned experts for 2 days of learning at the 17th Annual Global Providers Conference. Day 1 features Dr. Tracey Marks and Michelle Garcia Winner, who will be discussing stress, anxiety, and executive functioning. Day 2 highlights Leah Kuypers, Founder and creator of The Zones of Regulation, who will share exciting insights about the release of her new Digital Zones Platform and accompanying print companion guide, Getting Into The Zones of Regulation. Dr. Pamela Crooke will follow Leah, presenting the latest Superflex Series research, and sharing examples from lesson quests in the curriculum.

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Social, Emotional & Academic Learning Resources Across all Ages

The Social Thinking Methodology has been a guiding resource for schools, clinics, individuals, and families around the world for more than 25 years. Our work supports individuals' social, emotional & academic learning, whether neurotypical or Neurodivergent, with or without diagnosis. Our materials are helpful for students with solid to strong expressive and receptive language skills in mainstream and special education. They can be used across developmental ages to support the development of social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to improve: conversation & social connection, executive functioning, friendship & relationship development, perspective taking, self-regulation, and Social Thinking Vocabulary. Help us protect the fidelity of this body of work and be informed about how you can/can’t use our materials considering our intellectual property, copyrights and trademarks.

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  • Visual Supports
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Products for All Ages

Teachers, speech-language pathologists, clinicians, behavior specialists, and parents are using our expansive collection of curricula, books, games, and posters to teach social competencies to social learners ages 4 and up.


While our deeper work is for individuals with social learning differences and/or challenges (ADHD, twice exceptional, social communication differences, autism spectrum levels 1 and 2, and other social, emotional, and cognitive learning differences (with diagnoses or without), our work is also being adopted into mainstream classrooms and workplaces around the world to improve social, emotional, and academic learning for all.

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Posters, Games & Visual Supports

Our visual supports provide a fun, engaging way for your students to learn about their own thoughts, feelings, and reactions and of those around them. With powerful visual supports students can more easily connect with social concepts and apply them to their own lives. As an added bonus, our visual supports are versatile and can be used in a variety of settings from the classroom or clinic to your home.


Spark student engagement & raise social awareness—there’s something for everyone.

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Online Training

Utilizing more than 25 years of clinical practice and the latest research, these one-of-a-kind online training courses explore a large range of aspects required for developing social competencies, including self-regulation, executive functioning, social problem-solving, and much more. These courses have been watched and raved about over 50,000 times from all around the world!


This is your opportunity for deeper learning and to earn CE Credit (for select professionals).


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Free Webinars

Explore how to teach a variety of core Social Thinking concepts—for free. Browse our entire webinar collection and discover strategies to help people of all ages develop social competencies, self-regulation, social skills, social-emotional understanding, flexible thinking, and more!


Our webinars are not pre-approved for credit by continuing education organizations. However, all participants can download and print a Certificate of Completion.

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Article Library

Social Thinking is proud to provide an extensive collection of free articles devoted to helping individuals build stronger social awareness and social functioning using the Social Thinking Methodology.


Browse our library of 100+ free articles and learn strategies you can start using right away. We’re constantly adding material based on the latest research and our evolving client work—so visit our library often and stay informed!

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Digital Products

Our newest and most popular digital products make it easy for children to explore social emotional learning.


Build social awareness and vocabulary with our award-winning You Are A Social Detective, Social Thinking and Me & Superflex curriculum.


Teach strategies to help students better problem solve & self-regulate with our all new Social Thinking Frameworks collection.



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What is Social Thinking?


There are 3 distinct yet overlapping definitions:

What do we mean when we say, "social thinking?" We have a lot of information to share. Here are three ways to understand how we use the words "social thinking:"


  1. The Term
  2. The Business
  3. The Methodology


Watch the video or browse below to learn more!

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Helping You Help Others


Over time, our teachings can help people cultivate relationships and improve performance at school and at work. For 25 years our experts have been a guiding resource for schools, clinics, and families around the world, and we’re here for you, too. Whether you're teaching individuals with ADHD, autism spectrum (levels 1 or 2), social communication disorders, or an entire mainstream class-our strategies can help you help them.

This has been a game changer for helping general education teachers.  We have been using the Social Thinking Methodology with our students, they are making friends, are more successful academically, and generally happier in all they do. Thank you! - Jennifer, Special Education Teacher

Social Thinking Speakers: Global Training Experts

The Social Thinking Training and Speakers' Collaborative (STTSC) consists of 13 clinicians, including Michelle Garcia Winner and Dr. Pamela Crooke, who train around the world on the Social Thinking Methodology in addition to working closely with schools, clients, and families. All of our speakers have an active caseload and provide training to help schools embed Social Thinking’s teachings across all aspects of the educational day in public and private schools. We also work with universities as well as businesses to help adults continue to develop stronger social communication skills. Please note that the members of our STTSC are the only people licensed and approved to give training on the Social Thinking Methodology.

The speaker did an excellent job at keeping our attention and broke the information down in a way that was easy to understand and gave us a process to help ensure we could implement what we learned.
- Special Ed. Teacher, School Training

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Social Thinking
Michelle Garcia
Michelle Garcia Winner Founder & CEO Social Thinking • MA, CCC-SLP
Pamela Crooke PhD, CCC-SLP • Co-developer of the Social Thinking® Methodology • Chief Curriculum Officer
Kari Zweber Palmer MA, CCC-SLP
Ryan Hendrix MS, CCC-SLP
Nancy Clements MA, CCC-SLP
Nancy Tarshis MA, MS, CCC-SLP
Renee Attaway-Storer MS, CCC-SLP
Beckham Linton MA, CCC-SLP
Ariela Jokel PhD, CCC-SLP
Chithra Kathiresan B. App. Sc., SLP

Personalized Training for Your School or Clinic

Social Thinking offers a wide array of all day and partial day courses and embedded school trainings to fit your needs. Our speakers collectively instruct over 15 courses offering practical concepts and strategies to boost the social learning process and academic achievement that can be used across settings, such as in the classroom, on the playground, at home, at work, and in the community. Each course covers a specific topic, from working with early learners, to the transition to adulthood; to helping mature adults improve executive functioning skills. Each speaker has unique specialties that align with the courses they instruct.
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Our Methodology


Strategies to Build Social Competencies

The Social Thinking Methodology provides evidence-based strategies to help people ages four through adult develop their social competencies, flexible thinking & social problem solving to meet their own social goals and improve:

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